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Watch Out!

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“Most Perfect Realization of Reality Itself utterly destroys your egoic life–so watch out! The ‘trouble’ with seventh stage Divine Self-Realization is that there is no ‘one’ left over to enjoy ‘It!’ Therefore, to seek That Realization makes no sense from any conventional ‘point of view’–because the one who is seeking is the ‘price’ that must be paid in order to Realize “It’. You imagine that ‘you’ will enjoy the satisfaction of having achieved Realization, or of having Realization Given to yoou–but all of that is nonsense. Realization is not something ‘you’ will achieve or enjoy–because the ego is the ‘price’

-The Way of Zero Bargaining

from The Aletheon

by The Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The Perfect Mirror

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Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Perfect Mirror. He shows only Reality Itself.

“All apparent objects arise as mere reflections in the Acausal Surface of the Perfect Mirror.”

when you behold Beloved, you are looking at Reality face to face.

All mirrors should be replaced with photographs of Beloved Adi Da Samraj.

It’s all in the Face

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As i sat watching a discourse from 2004 when Beloved Adi Da Samraj was addressing devotees, it became obvious that His Face Is It. It is the Face of Reality. His Face Is the Bright. His eyes are compassionate to infinity. Every one of His movements is Perfect and egoless. He moves with such Freedom!

His laughter has no irony, no meanness to it. Only Love.

But His Face, oh that Face. What a Beauty.


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It is impossible to comprehend Avatar Adi Da Samraj. His presense is so mind blowing. How could He even exist as a human, in the dream? He is most perfect. He is all. All is Him. It’s so incredible. To even consider what must have happened during His Divine Reawakaning is insane. I am forever grateful.


Cutting through the experience

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Relationship with Beloved is meant to be ecstatic.  It is like being with a Lover, (who always gives) all the  time. There is no “I” reference, and thus all experience becomes uninteresting, there is no one to experience it. All that is fruitful and beautiful is Heart Communion with Beloved.  The relationship to Him cuts through all experience, straight to the Root fo Reality Itself.  There are limitations everywhere else, so why spend time among them.

Beloved Adi Da is the one to Awaken Us from the slumber of experience, to Love.

The relationship must be cultivated moment to moment, and it must be real, must be Love.

If we do not Love Him truly, He has no room to work. This Love of the Sat-Guru is the very principle of this Way. Everything else (disciplines etc) arise naturally from this Love of Him.