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Falling in Love All Over Again

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2009 by ritafeldman

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the self for whatever reason (bogged down with worldly life) and my  Radical Devotion to Bhagavan has been lacking. During meditation and puja, I could not get out of His Way, even though I knew it was what needed to be done.

But tonight during meditation, I decided that God is more important that all this mummery crap. Beloved Bhagavan is always there to Give, to Love. That is Who He Is. There is struggling with egoity necessary. At all.  The Way of the Heart is Radical, it doesn’t allow for egoity. The ego cannot turn to Beloved, it is just a pattern that wants nothing more than to keep itself alive. Well, this was my mistake. Trying to turn to Beloved with the ego, still.

Tonight I fell in Love again. Adi Da Samraj is Love Itself.  Being in His company is ecstacy, but it also takes Radical, Real commitment. If God is Revealed, then you must do the sadhana.

Satsang with Adi Da Samraj has nothing, literally nothing to do with self obsevation and self manipulation. Nothing. Beloved does not relate to egos. At all. Perhaps He used to, but no more. This is the Truth, and it is impossible for the ego-I to swallow.