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The Incarnation of Love

Posted in Uncategorized on December 5, 2009 by ritafeldman

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to post frequently from now on.

What I’ve realized recently:

Beloved Adi Da Samraj is a Gift of unfathomable proportions. Reality Itself, or Love Itself Has, for the sake of all beings, Incarnated to show the way to perfect happiness. He has nothing whatsoever to gain from it at all, for He Is Always already the case, and always already Free.

Beloved Adi Da is Love Itself and the relationship to Him is rightly lived only as a relationship to Love Itself. Right Life, part of the “DNA” so to speak of Adidam is the ability to incarnate Love in all relations. When we eat, there is a way to incarnate Love, when we wash dishes there is a way, when we brush our teeth there is a way. Right Life is constant sacrifice of separate self or any self driven motive for the sake of the incarnation of Love. All of this is done, of course in relation to Beloved who by being truly devotionally invoked in all circumstances can do His Divine Work. So this relationship to Him is a living one, it encompasses every aspect of life. It is obvious by His Incarnation to Here, that Love incarnates, no ascends. There is no escaping Love, no escaping Reality. The Law of Love is sacrifice. That Law, like Beloved says, must be fulfilled, no matter how hard it seems the feat is! As devotees, we are Beloved’s agents in the world and we must live as renunciates in the world, especially during this time of global strife. Of course, we are also called to Live with Him at His Hermitage Ashram, but not everyone can do that all the time.

The Sadhana is that of Love, which completely goes against the grain of our patterned avoidance of relationship. We spend all our lives trying to stay invulnerable to Love, because it is heartbreaking. Narcissus is famous for rejecting Love, for avoiding relationship, but as Beloved Says, “Love Breaks the Heart and that is where the real practice of Adidam begins.”

The “heat” of practice can also not be avoided, since that is the heat of self transcending Love Itself. That friction signifies growth, if one can stand it. It is so important to just stay with Him, no matter how hard it is. He is our Divine Help, our Happiness, our Liberation!

Let us all praise our Beloved Master Adi Da Samraj with our entire lives!